Hope Impact Partnerships

We are a leading national action research center redefining what it means to be a student-ready college with a movement centering on students’ basic needs. Our work is firmly grounded in rigorous science, thoughtful practice, and social justice. You’re likely here because you—like us—believe that students are humans first. You also know that basic needs security is central to learning and is critical for student success and degree completion. Making sure students’ basic needs are met is quite simply a moral imperative.

HIP participation will accelerate the work your institution is already doing to improve student persistence and graduation rates and advance equity goals. Through HIP, you will use real-time data to assess students’ basic needs, campus policies, and programs, while receiving support to analyze, plan, and take action to improve students’ basic needs security and well-being. 

Hear what our institutional partners have to say about HIP:

When you join HIP, you are supported by up-to-date research, evidence, data, best practices, experts, and lessons from peer institutions as you work to better serve your students’ basic needs. When you join HIP, you become part of a values-aligned community committed to reimagining and creating a better future, together.

Join The Hope Center—and 100 institutions (and growing!)—to create change for students on your campus now. 

Have questions?  

We’d love to discuss how HIP can help your institution better support your students’ well-being and success. Email us at

Partnership Levels

We offer three partnership levels with assessment, coaching, training, and learning communities to match your team’s current goals, strengths, needs, and capacity. 

hip levels

The Hope Impact Partnerships fee structure is based on the annual services provided at each level: 

hip pricing

The Hope Center recognizes the systemic resource inequities between institutions and offers a fee reduction of $5000 per level, per year for HBCUs, Tribal, and community colleges. 

Enroll In HIP

Thank you for your interest in joining HIP! We are excited to support your important work for your students. To indicate your interest and commitment to participating, please complete and submit this enrollment application

A few recommendations as you get started with your enrollment application: 

  • For guidance on choosing the right HIP level and to learn more about which is best for your institution, please reach out to us at

  • Only one form per institution should be submitted. 

  • The enrollment application requires either permission for or completion by an institutional leader who is authorized to approve the terms of the partnership and commit necessary resources. 

  • A downloadable PDF version of the enrollment application is posted below, so you coordinate with colleagues prior to beginning a submission. 

  • Plan to complete the form in one instance. The application itself will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your progress will be saved across pages, but only if you are using the same device and browser.  

If you have questions before or as you complete the enrollment application, please contact us at

Service Agreement

Upon acceptance to HIP, we will provide an agreement that explicitly details core components for successful implementation and is required to be signed by both parties.

This agreement will include Temple’s IRB approval for the student survey and requires colleges to use Temple’s IRB approval (colleges may not seek their own IRB approval). It also includes a commitment to adhere to the Student Basic Needs Survey guidelines in terms of timeline, content of recruitment materials, and student sample to ensure survey results will not be biased or skewed.

Institutions accepted to participate in HIP will be given a personalized agreement that should be signed within 30 days of receipt. Invoices will follow with a 30-day payment window.