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The Hope Center for Student Basic Needs at Temple University is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of basic needs insecurity among college students. We work in community with colleges and universities, government agencies, and other educational organizations and non-profits to do so. With three in five college students experiencing some form of basic needs insecurity (food or housing insecurity, lack of access to reliable transportation, health care, childcare and more), the work of The Hope Center is more vital than ever.  

The Hope Center receives most of its funding from government and foundation grants for research, policy, and practice initiatives. Your generous contribution to The Hope Center will ensure that we can continue communicating and sharing what we learn to create an ecosystem of support for students and advance necessary systems change. Your donation supports our nationally renowned newsletter, blog, and the professional development of our dedicated staff and faculty. Critically, it also supports educational resources for colleges and universities—especially those underresourced— to advance their basic needs programs. No donation is too small. We value your faith and trust in us. 

Do you have an idea about how you might be able to help advance Hope's mission? We'd love to hear from you. Please contact .